Lynk & Co’s product lineup for Auto Shanghai 2019 exposed     DATE: 2023-03-31 13:35:36

Shanghai (Gasgoo)- Lynk & Co, a Chinese-Swedish automotive brand owned by Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, prepares to unveil the Lynk & Co 02 PHEV, 03 PHEV and 03 Performance at the Auto Shanghai 2019 next month, according to a China's media outlet.

Lynk & Co’s product lineup for Auto Shanghai 2019 exposed

The patent images exposed before show that the Lynk & Co 02 PHEV displays a striking resemblance to the fuel-burning version, while adds a charging port on the left fender. Such facilities as front- & rear-view radars, adaptive cruise control system and optional types of sunroof will be offered based on different variants.

Lynk & Co’s product lineup for Auto Shanghai 2019 exposed

Lynk & Co 02

The interior of the 02 PHEV is rarely changed compared to the fuel-powered version. Occupants can see a center console leaning towards the driver's position and a large-sized touch screen inside the vehicle. Under the hood is a turbocharged plug-in hybrid powertrain that is comprised of a 179hp 1.5-litre engine and an electric motor, the same as the Lynk & Co 01. The fuel consumption reported to the MIIT is 1.7L per 100km.

The Lynk & Co 03 PHEV also largely retains the exterior design of its fuel-burning version. As to the side profile, it features a style of hatchback which is characterized by the C-pillar's radian. The L-shaped taillights are still used at the rear end, giving the PHEV its distinct profile. It packs an exhaust layout with single pipe on each side.

Lynk & Co’s product lineup for Auto Shanghai 2019 exposed

Lynk & Co 03

The 03 PHEV's interior presents an iconic design of Lynk & Co family as well. Above the center console display are two rectangular air-conditioning outlets adorned with chrome elements. It will possess such facilities as electronic parking brake and “AUTOHOLD” automatic parking system.

The new PHEV measures 4,657mm long, 1,840mm wide and 1,460mm tall with a wheelbase spanning 2,730mm. The powertrain of the 03 PHEV is as same as the 02 PHEV.

The automaker previously disclosed that two Lynk & Co 03-based performance models dubbed “PERFORMANCE” and “HALO” will be released in the future. The “PERFORMANCE”, carrying a 254hp 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, is likely to be the one that heads to the Auto Shanghai.